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The "Galileo-Protect" project is intended to provide existing and future Galileo PRS (Public Regulated Service) users with the possibility of suppressing interference signals in complex interference scenarios and of localizing, classifying and clarifying sources of interference. Based on the basic system of a ballast developed in the PRS-Protect project and further conceptual preliminary investigations in the short concept study "PRS-Protect II - Concept", a multi-purpose ballast shall be developed that supports robust jamming signal suppression with miniaturized antennas even in challenging dynamic scenarios with multiple jammers and in multipath environments. At the same time, the ballast to be developed should also provide high navigation accuracy for PRS, OS, and HAS users, as well as reliable detection, bearing, and, if possible, localization and classification of interferers. In this context, Galileo PRS defines the requirements for the required hardware and for the performance of the algorithms used due to its large bandwidth and the frequency bands to be supported compared to OS and HAS. Due to the
developments for the protection of the PRS service, protection suitable for OS and HAS is therefore also provided without the need for special OS- or HAS-specific measures. The extension of the functionality of the multi-purpose ballast addresses civilian users, such as operators of critical infrastructures, as well as the German Federal Armed Forces, police and fire department as sovereign users.