Conference ION ITM 2022

The picture shows the logo of the international conference ION ITM 2022 Copyright: © Institute of Navigation  

The following papers with contribution of the Chair have been accepted for the international conference ION ITM 2022, which will take place as a hybrid conference with online participation in Long Beach, USA from January 25 to 27:

  • M. Niestroj, M. Brachvogel, S. Schoenbrod, M. Meurer - "Blind Wideband Calibration of Multi Antenna GNSS Receiver Frontends based on GNSS Observations"
  • S. Schoenbrod, M. Niestroj, M. Brachvogel, M. Meurer - "Ultra Tightly Coupled Position and Attitude Determination with Mitigation of Temporally Correlated Signals using an Antenna-Array"
  • T. Bamberg, A. Konovaltsev, M. Meurer - "GNSS Antenna Arrays and RTK: The Effect of Carrier Phase Distortions Induced by Spatial Filtering on RTK Positioning"
  • C. Siebert, A. Konovaltsev, M. Meurer - "Multipath Rejection Using Multi-Frequency Multi-Correlator Based GNSS Receiver With an Extended Kalman Filter"
  • G. Zampieri, O. Osechas, M. Meurer - "Exploiting Prior Position Information to Detect Range-Domain Faults in Radionavigation"

The complete technical program is available on the webpage of the conference.