Conference ION GNSS+ 2023

The picture shows the logo of the conference ION GNSS+ 2023 Copyright: © Institute of Navigation  

The Chair contributed the following publications to this year’s conference ION GNSS+ 2023, which took place from September 11 - 15 in Denver, USA:

  • M. Brachvogel, M. Niestroj, C. Özmaden, T. Bamberg, M. Meurer - "Blind Spoofer Detection and Mitigation using an Array of Spatially Distributed Subarrays"
  • C. Özmaden, M. Brachvogel, T. Bamberg, M. Niestroj, M. Meurer - "Resilient High Precision Positioning Using RTK and Distributed GNSS Antenna Subarrays"
  • T. Bamberg, L. Kurz, A. Konovaltsev, M. Meurer - "In-Situ Calibration of Antenna Arrays for Improved Spatial Signal Processing using In-Space GNSS Signals"
  • F. Beck, C. Enneking, S. Thölert, M. Meurer - "Impact of Payload Distortions on BeiDou B1I-B1C Meta-Signal Ranging Performance"
  • P. Rudnik, L. Kurz, A. Winterstein, M. Cuntz - "Advantages of a Robust Multi-Antenna GNSS Receiver in UAV Flight Jamming Scenarios"
  • K. Lutz, L. Greda, M. Smyrnaios, W. Dilg, T. Schilling, I. Ioanid, S. Schrade, B. Röttgers, S. Thölert , G. Allende Alba, M. Kriegel, L. Spataro, A. Meinecke, R. Brydon, J. Furthner - "Performance Monitoring at the DLR Galileo Competence Center"
  • G. Zampieri, G. McGraw, A. Filip-Dhaubhadel, B. Weaver, O. Osechas, M. Meurer - "LDACS APNT Service Area Analysis with Barometric Altimeter Augmentation and Ground Station Selection Constraints"